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Welcome to The Polish Jazz Café POSK!

We are located in the basement of the Polish Social & Cultural Association, POSK, in Hammersmith, West London and regular concerts take place on Friday and Saturday evenings.

The club is run by volunteers driven by their love for live music and providing a friendly environment for upcoming and established musicians to share their music to our community, residents of West London and music enthusiasts from further afield.

Please come down and visit us, enjoy the atmosphere and join in the fun!

The Polish Social & Cultural Association in Hammersmith serves the entire Polish Community in London by providing a wide spectrum of cultural and artistic events for people of all ages. It is the largest organization of its kind outside Poland, and provides a variety of facilities for the community including: theatre, art gallery, library, bookshop, restaurant and café. To fill a gap in our diverse musical programme and broaden the scope of our musical offerings, we have now established in the specially refurbished basement premises a permanent venue to promote the cultural traditions of Polish Jazz Music.


IMG_6787 resizeThe Polish Jazz Café POSK has gained a reputation as one of the top jazz clubs in London and we are looking for sound technicians to join our voluntary team on Friday & Saturday evenings. This is a great opportunity for students studying sound production and engineering who wish to gain hands-on technical experience running live shows with world class jazz & blues musicians. We are a voluntary led club and enjoy a friendly and easy going atmosphere. If interested please send your details and CV to Peter Kaczmarski at jazzcafe@posk.org

Polska Jazz Café w POSKU zyskała opinie jednego z najlepszych jazzowych klubὀw w Londynie. Obecnie szukamy technikὀw / akustykὀw, ktὀrzy mają ochote dołączyć do naszej grupy wolontariuszy aby pomὀc przy organizowaniu koncertὀw w piątki i soboty. Praca bȩdzie dobrą okazją dla studentὀw technologi dzwiȩku oraz osὀb pragnących zdobyć doświadczenie pracując ze światowymi muzykami jazzu i blusa. W klubie pracujemy darmowo ale zapewniamy dobrą i przyjemną atmosferȩ. Osoby zainteresowane pozycją prosimy o przesłanie swojego CV do Piotra Kaczmarskiego na adres jazzcafe@posk.org


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If you would like to play at the Polish Jazz Café, then we would love to hear from you!  We DO get lots of requests and sometimes it takes a while for us to get back to you, bearing in mind we run the club in our spare time as volunteers, but all requests are considered.

For Jazz bookings please email your details to Peter at jazzcafe@posk.org

Please provide details of current or future projects and links to photos and online clips. Without this information it will be difficult to consider requests.

If you are applying from abroad, please bear in mind that we operate on small budgets and are unable to fund travelling expenses.

Polish jazz has a rich history and extremely vibrant scene. Famous artists include composer and pianist Krzysztof Komeda, trumpeter Tomasz Stanko, violinist Michael Urbaniak, vocalist Urszula Dudziak and groups such as the legendary Komeda sextet.