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Date: 27/1/2024
Time: Bar 7:30 pm / music 8:30 pm
Price: £15 on the door and Eventbrite
Table booking (11AM-8PM): 07583969014
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Saturday 27 January 2024

H30 Harmony Tri-O, an exceptional jazz vocal and instrumental ensemble, artfully combines soulful vocal harmonies with instrumental virtuosity, integrating live improvisations into their creative renditions of familiar melodies. Consisting of skilled musicians proficient in piano, guitar, percussion, and vocals, the trio excels in both vocal and instrumental improvisation, weaving a unique sonic fabric. Their fresh approach to well-known pieces is characterized by complex jazzy arrangements, infused with deep vocal harmonies and on-the-spot improvisational flair.

What truly sets the H30 Trio apart is their remarkable capacity for synchronized improvisation, seamlessly blending instrumental and vocal layers into a unified, vibrant performance. This synergy not only revitalizes classic tunes with a modern twist but also pays homage to the original works. Their live performances transcend typical concerts, evolving into dynamic explorations of musical terrains across various times and places. Each performance by H30 is imbued with the excitement of inventive discovery and the resonance of shared musical journeying.

Anita Łazińska is a versatile musician - vocalist, pianist, composer, graduate of the Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz (Poland). Currently a leader of Anita Łazińska Quartet - a band in which she presents her ideas of compositions and arrangements. Anita is also a member of H3O, Muze Voices and Wild Whispers - bands in which improvisation and searching for unusual sounds plays an important role.

An active musician - she has been a part of projects such as All Souls ’Day Jazz Festival, Voicingers on Tour in London or WąbJazzno Festival (Poland) during which she had the honour and pleasure of performing alongside Igor Zakus, Usein Bekirov, Jonas Johansen, Bendik Hofseth or Benoit Sourisse. She also had the pleasure of collaboration with great musicians of the Polish jazz scene like the Leszek Kułakowski Trio, Piotr Damasiewicz, Maciej Sikała.

“Anita's voice is peculiar, I can treat it like a musical instrument in jazz music - it has a large palette of colors, shades and dynamics, and what is important - it speaks the language of improvisation. Few singers can afford it. Anita is a real partner on stage” - Igor Zakus

Jazz pianist & versatile musician Tomer Eldor brings a unique blend of global influences to his work, combining his skills in arrangement and composition with a rich background in diverse musical traditions. Trained at Israel’s finest music institutions, he has led various large-scale musical projects and performed at prominent venues, including London’s EFG Jazz Festival and the Red Sea Jazz festival.

Living in seven countries, Tomer has woven a wide spectrum of world music elements from Latin jazz to Indian rhythms into his Israeli-influenced jazz style, collaborating with artists like Shai Maestro, Ofri Nehemya, Tony Kofi, Byron Wallen, Offir Benjaminov (Tatran), and Ligia Piro. His style showcases a melding of jazz with world music and a vocal emphasis, as he continues to expand his musical horizons and influence in the global jazz scene.

“Most intriguing is the (...) subtle and seductive Middle Eastern rhythms of Tomer Eldor's impressionistic piano. (...) The music is well-travelled and cosmopolitan” - Kevin Whitlock, Jazzwise

Francesco Nasone is a multi-award-winning singer, multi-instrumentalist, lyricist, author, vocal improviser and Circlesong leader. After terminating his musical studies in Italy summa cum laude and special distinction, he toured around Europe developing the reputation as one of the most interesting voice players of his generation.

In 2012, Francesco won the special critics award in the International San Marino jazz festival (RSM) and second place at Treviglio jazz (Italy). The following year he won the prestigious “Premio Bettinardi” as best jazz singer (Italy) and in 2014 he’s the winner at Nuoro jazz (Italy).In 2017 he released the original album “Melting Wor(l)ds” with a cappella duo B-Chord. In 2018 he recorded with Euphonia Jazz group Ahì Na Ma’, an original album where Albanian jazz and international music blended under the creative writing and arrangements of Markelian Kapidani. He has performed in numerous prestigious venues and festival around Europe.

“Young artist with the voice of a big artist” - Piacenza Jazz

“An incredible creator of intriguing musical worlds” – La Prealpina

Line up:

Anita Łazińska - voice, piano, synthesizer, cajon

Tomer Eldor - voice, piano, synthesizer

Francesco Nasone - voice, guitar

Anita Łazińska to wszechstronny muzyk - wokalistka, pianistka, kompozytorka, absolwentka Bydgoskiej Akademii Muzycznej. Obecnie liderka Anita Łazińska Quartet - zespołu, w którym prezentuje swoje pomysły na kompozycje i aranżacje. Anita jest także członkinią H3O, Muze Voices i Wild Whispers – zespołów, w których ważną rolę odgrywa improwizacja i poszukiwanie niecodziennych brzmień.

H30 Harmony Tri-O, wyjątkowy jazzowy zespół wokalno-instrumentalny, umiejętnie łączy uduchowione harmonie wokalne z wirtuozerią instrumentalną, integrując improwizacje na żywo z twórczymi interpretacjami znanych melodii. Trio składające się ze znakomitych muzyków biegle grających na pianinie, gitarze, perkusji oraz świetnie śpiewajacych - trio przoduje zarówno w improwizacji wokalnej, jak i instrumentalnej, tworząc unikalną tkaninę dźwiękową. Ich świeże podejście do znanych utworów charakteryzuje się złożonymi aranżacjami jazzowymi, nasyconymi głębokimi harmoniami wokalnymi i dużym talentem improwizacyjnym.


Anita Łazińska – głos, fortepian, syntezator, cajon

Tomer Eldor – głos, fortepian, syntezator

Francesco Nasone – głos, gitara

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