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JazzLondonLive Party

Date: 1/7/2017
Time: 7.30pm
Price: £12 on the door.
Table booking (11AM-8PM): 07415 892 436
This event is a celebration of the commitment and vitality of the London jazz scene, who between them helped support, create, fund and improve JAZZLONDONLIVE from its inception by its founders Sarah Chaplin and Mick Sexton, to where we are now a year down the line.
The JAZZLONDONLIVE website went live in June 2016, and the crowdfunding campaign raised £12,000 last summer, enabling the JAZZLONDONLIVE app to be developed, which is now available free on Android and Apple.
As well as hundreds of downloads of the app, the website has attracted over 35,000 visitors, is featuring on average 100 venues in London and the south east every month, as well as around 800 gigs and 200 artists.
Its founders wanted to host a party to thank all their supporters and subscribers in person by putting on an evening of high quality live jazz drawn from some of its most vocal and active supporters: Torus (Mick Sexton’s own band), the Nigel Price Quartet and the Duncan Eagles Quartet.The evening promises to be an enjoyable alternative to Love Supreme!torus289Nigel Price9af30d24540b57fbe35d28a34cf7f
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