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One Wall Of Me

Date: 17/11/2017
Time: 7.30pm
Price: £10 on the door. Students £5.
Table booking (11AM-8PM): 07415 892 436
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If you've missed work in progress sharing of Kasia Witek's new performance piece "one wall of me" (or if you would like to see another version of it!) then please join us this November at POSK. Programmed as part of this year’s EFG London Jazz Festival.

Conceived specifically for a new company of three dancers and two musicians, this performance investigates and celebrates the intelligence of the body. Through the practice of embodied awareness, the performers awaken a sense of belonging, togetherness, and joy. Watch and listen as the meditation on endless interconnectivity unfolds before you.

An original score by award-winning composer Alex Roth, drawing on the deep sonorities and physicality of double bass (played live by renowned improvisers Olie Brice and Ruth Goller), provides an integral counterpoint to Kasia's highly physical choreography.


Concept and direction: Kasia Witek

Musical direction: Alex Roth

Choreography: Kasia Witek and the dancers

Dancers: Elisa Vassena, Stella Papi and Tora Hed

Musicians: Olie Brice, Alice Purton


Producer: Rosie Watt (Spin Arts)

Mentor: Joe Moran

Music set by Future Currents:


Future Currents is an electric guitar ensemble formed by composer/improviser Alex Roth to explore the full range of the instrument's sonic potential. Bringing together some of the UK's most acclaimed improvising guitarists, including members of Troyka, trioVD, and Blue-Eyed Hawk, the group creates new music of extremes, informed as much by composers like Morton Feldman, Frank Zappa, Olivier Messiaen and Richard D James as by pioneering guitarists such as Fred Frith, Robert Fripp, Marc Ducret and Bill Frisell.

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