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Weronika Bielecka

Date: 1/12/2018
Time: 7.30pm
Price: £10 on the door. Advance £8. Students £5.
Table booking (11AM-8PM): 07415 892 436
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Weronika Bielecka with Terence Collie Trio and Konvalia String Trio project is an inspirational fusion featuring each musician’s individual artistry and emotional delivery in performance.

It is where the beauty of jazz and its complexity meets the naturalness of folk and its subtle lyricism.  The unique arrangements of jazz standards and originals, minimalism and sophisticated craftsmanship of the pianist, combined with majestic dynamics of string arrangements and evocative vocals reveal the project’s uniqueness and poise.

Weronika Bielecka is a London-based singer-songwriter and jazz singer.

She is involved in various music projects and is on a journey of discovery pushing the boundaries through different genres in pursuit of finding her original and unique artistic voice.

Her passion for complexity in jazz harmony, melancholic lyricism and a hint of spirituality creates her artistic personae and it is through these sensations that Weronika delivers and shares with her audience.

In her music, she creates intimate, dream-like soundscapes, often embraced by the atmosphere of soft darkness. Weronika’s music is a response to uncertainty about fragility of the surrounding world and finding beauty in the acceptance.

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