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Saturday 19 March 2022  

bar: 7:30pm / music 8:30 pm

Tickets: £12 on the door or Eventbrite

Growing up in a small mountain village in Switzerland, Gisela first got to know the world of music through classical piano lessons. Over the years, she started to explore the improvised music and attended lessons from A. Herrmann, E. Bächlin, Ch. Wiesendanger and M. Scarton; Gisela also attended sessions in percussion and saxophone to extend her knowledge and get a better understanding of the other voices within a jazz band.

Gisela Horat founded her trio of the same name in 2009. After a few changes in the line-up, drummer Samuel Büttiker and bassist Simon Iten are currently playing with Gisela. The titles had been composed and developed by Gisela and explore the unknown space between composed and improvised music. Nonetheless, what you hear also includes the experiences of Samuel and Simon.

The trio tells stories as life has written them in all its different forms and variations, create moods and tension and leave the audience a room for their own pictures. In addition to the influences of Eric Satie, Bill Evans, Enrico Pieranunzi, Esbjörn Svensson, the Necks and Sylvie Courvoisier, the pianist's classical background is also unmistakable. This provides a harmonious setting for the lyrical and picturesque sound and thus also appeals to an audience that usually does not find access to jazz. The groovy, jazz-like sound describes wonderful stories of moments in life, dreams, feelings, and fortune.

“What the Gisela Horat Trio released (…) under the self-explanatory title "2020" is not exactly light fare. Once again, the Swiss pianist, together with bassist Simon Iten and drummer Samuel Büttiker, confronts the listener with unwieldy sounds that - all in all - evoke a feeling of discomfort rather than well-being. Nevertheless, one should indulge in this unusual sound experience - listening habits change over the years, and what used to be summarised under the term "free jazz" now frightens very few people. In fact, the trio moves in a very free space here. But they know how to handle the playful freedom responsibly (…) You can hardly review a bad year in a more impressive way”. Piano News 5/2021

"With her highly individual approach to give even the softest tones in the piano spectrum enough room to unfold, Gisela Horat has to be considered one of the most interesting pianists in contemporary jazz". Jazz-Portrait by Tom Fuchs, Piano News 5/2020

Line up:

Gisela Horat – piano

Simon Iten – double bass

Samuel Büttiker – drums


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